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Does White Culture Set Us Up for Failure?

21 May

This news is a little old, but I wanted to chime in on the Suzy Weiss story because it raises important issues about the idea of white culture and perfection. Suzy Weiss is the young woman who wrote an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal titled To All the Colleges that Rejected Me. In the article, the 18-year-old Weiss writes that she may have had a better chance at getting into the Ivy League schools she was rejected by if she had been the daughter of lesbians, a student of Color, or a variety of other things. My take? She simply wasn’t “good enough”  and that it was easier for her to blame diversity issues than to accept that she didn’t meet their criteria.

First off, all I know about this young woman is from her article in the WSJ and an interview on the Today show.  She’s young, white and doesn’t know the severity of what she is saying. I know without a doubt that at 18 I picked through the scholarship booklet and realized there were no scholarships for middle class, average white girls like me. I  guarantee I complained about it at the time. 18-year-old Buffy hadn’t put all the pieces of the world together yet. I thought I knew a lot about what was happening around me, and I felt very grown up at the time.

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Teaching White Privilege in Education: Is it Important?

23 Jan

The other day, I came across a tweet about a Wisconsin school being investigated for teaching white privilege. Apparently, a parent at this particular school became very upset after reading the content of a course her son was taking titled “American Diversity.” The mother felt the curriculum was being used to teach white students that they are racist and oppressive. She also felt the lesson on white privilege made her son feel unearned guilt for being white.

I can’t speak to how the material was presented or what the exact lesson plans were, but my takeaway is simple: kids aren’t the only ones who need these lesson—adults do, too.

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